Are you looking for a church devoted to loving God, growing together and serving others? At First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church we are a Christ-centered community church, building a healthy congregation, committed to reaching our city, state, and world.

 Most notably, you will find a church that values the power of prayer!
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First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, located at 1515 Cross Link Road in Raleigh, NC, was founded in 1890 as the Fayetteville Street Little Mission Baptist Church. An all-white congregation had previously used the original building, but eventually relocated to a larger facility. Seeking a permanent location, on August 1, 1890, representative of the church signed an agreement to purchase the building for $850.00.

After being blessed with continued growth in membership, years later (November of 1944) the Trustees, Deacons and Congregation decided to expand. The decision was made to expand the organizational structure of the church, and also to acquire property for a parsonage located at 1013 S. Person Street.

In 1949 members were devastated when a fire destroyed the church building. A vigorous and successful effort to raise money was launched and soon after a new stone structure was built which was larger and more comfortable. In 1962, the church purchased three adjacent lots with plans for expansion, but the City of Raleigh had expansion plans also, and soon after condemned the lots and acquired the right of way for the Salisbury Street Extension.

In the fall of 1964 a building fund was established, with a goal of $100,000.00 so that a new site could be purchased at the corner of South Blount and Lee Streets. This site was to contain a much larger sanctuary with additional rooms for other activities. With such aggressive plans the land at that site would eventually be deemed too small, and other options were immediately pursued. Relentless in our effort to expand, shortly afterwards the church purchased nine and one half acres on Cross Link Road for $42,000.00 dollars. Construction on the new sanctuary began in 1968 and the church moved into the current facilities, renamed the "First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church" on Sunday July 12, 1970.

Over the years we have continued to build on our proud tradition and distinctive history in Raleigh and Wake County, and our vision of the future is equally as aggressive as our missions of the past.

Today, First Cosmopolitan continues to offer its members numerous opportunities to participate in the ministries and other activities. We believe the Church is a place where people should be able to find a personal relationship with Christ. A place to be fed spiritually. A place where people can use their talents to serve God. As Christians, we are constantly aware of our mission to spread the word of God to all people, and most any day of the week you will find that our church is busy with many diverse activities. The recent addition of the Willie B. Lewis Multipurpose Family Ministries Building represents another step in our effort to respond to the identifiable needs of the community that we have served for more than a century, and our continued effort to take God's praise to a higher level.