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Foster Care & Adoption  }

Wake County Human Resources and First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church

"Together, we are making a difference, Family To Family"

Mrs. Telza Perry, Chairman

There really is no way to properly thank foster families for the great work that they do for so many children in our neighborhood. First Cosmopolitan has joined with Wake County Human Services and several other churches in the community to address this pressing issue. We have committed those resources that we have available to assist in anyway possible, and together, we are making a difference, family-to-family.

All most of these 'special children' need is someone to care enough to give them a chance to live a normal life so that they too may achieve the kind of goals that dreams are made of.

If you would like more information on how to qualify and participate in foster care or adoption, or if you would like to make a much needed donation, contact Wake County Human Services at 919-212-7000, or any member of the First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church Foster Care and Adoption Committee, at 919-833-3283.

For North Carolina Adoption Information, Select Here

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