Are you looking for a church devoted to loving God, growing together and serving others? At First Cosmopolitan Baptist Church we are a Christ-centered community church, building a healthy congregation, committed to reaching our city, state, and world.

 Most notably, you will find a church that values the power of prayer!
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Mrs. Lillie H. Lewis

The light they share is stayed on him, she knows that he's been called,So quietly she's by his side, to catch him if he falls. She's often taken for granted, even though she does her part, She gladly shares his life with us, she knows she has his heart. But God has given him the job, of saving souls that are lost, So each day he preaches about a Savior, who died upon the cross. It's not a bed of roses, because Satan's on the move, And sometimes even Christians don't let things always run smooth. Each day he fights the battle, he's in it until the end, At night he brings his problems home and shares them with his friend.

Though sometimes she gets lonely, while he does what he must do, She never says a mumbling word, for she's committed too. Each Sunday you can find her there, sitting right up front. Nicely dressed, with fancy hat, that's putting it quite blunt. We bless the day our Pastor came, to help us make it through, And we thank the Lord who dwells above, for a "First Lady" like you.

(Written 7/30/02 for Mrs. Lillie H. Lewis, loving wife of Rev. Dr. W. B. Lewis)